Friday, May 23, 2014

Frozen spinach smoothies

I know I'm not the first to jump on the "green smoothie" train, by a long shot. I love 'em. But I have to admit that often I end up not making enough in a week and throwing away the slimy spinach from the bottom of the bag.

The solution? Use frozen spinach!

The first time I made this smoothie, I defrosted the spinach in the microwave right before I made the smoothie. It definitely smelled very spinach-y, but I threw it in the blender anyway, and my first sip of smoothie was...pretty disgusting. The spinach was still a little warm, and gave the smoothie a really strong spinach taste. Luckily there was a quick fix: I added in a couple of ice cubes and blended it again. Then it was back to tasting like my yummy banana/vanilla green smoothie again! The texture, however, never got to be quite as smooth as when I made it with fresh spinach. So, I would say you should only try this recipe if you already have tried and like green smoothies. And make sure to keep the spinach cold!

Zee ingrediƫnten:
(blogger apparently thought I was changing to German, and spell-checked my "ingredients" as "ingrediƫnten" so I just went with it)

Almond milk, plain greek yogurt, frozen spinach, one banana, and honey. Give it a whirl in a blender and you end up with this:

Frozen Spinach Smoothie

Add the following ingredients, in order, to a magic bullet or other individual-sized blender cup:

1 ripe banana, broken into chunks
2-3 oz. frozen spinach (1/4 of a box), defrosted
1/3 cup plain yogurt
1 tbsp honey
almond milk

The purpose of adding the ingredients in this order is to ensure best blending -- the bananas are the heaviest ingredient and will push everything down toward the blades. If you're making this in a "normal" blender, start with the yogurt, then the honey and the spinach, then the bananas, and finally the milk.
Blend until smooth. Makes one smoothie.

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